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Money managers under the microscope

Unstable, greedy, selfish….


Not the words ringing in my ears as I leave for work every morning, but City of London Investment CEO Barry Olliff’s take on the UK financial sector.

Olliff is taking his company from AIM and onto the main market next month and the new governance guidelines which will apply to the firm as a result have sparked a frank assessment. Take it away, Barry:

“From my experience of the City, when I consider remuneration and remuneration packages, I’m taken in the direction of instability, greed and selfishness…”

“…the City is made up of many selfish people who are encouraged by management, and management’s approach to remuneration, to develop egotistical tendencies.  This culture of greed, in my opinion, manifests itself often via a lack of risk awareness, poor team spirit and significant key man risk…”