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GAIM 2009: Paranoid? You should be…



Funds face new levels of scrutinyIt doesn’t take a genius to work out that the hedge fund industry has changed markedly over the past year — a quick glance at delegate numbers here in Monaco shows that.


But one means that shows quite how drastic the change has been is in the area of risk management — not normally the sexiest topic but now an area of real concern for investors.

Madoff Junkies


Bernard MadoffOne of the more striking aspects about the Madoff affair is the large number of people who appear to have been ‘hooked’ on Madoff products.


Money managers were drawn by Madoff’s air of mystique, his stellar reputation as a market timer, the apparently steady returns with rock bottom volatility and the absence of fees, which some collected from clients anyway.

The kiwi has landed


City workers may dream of relocating out of London to somewhere a bit more laid back, particularly at rush hour, but one hedge fund manager is going the other way and is swapping the peace, quiet and good weather of New Zealand for the Big Smoke.

rtrrgk9Jerry Haworth, founder of Auckland-based hedge fund firm 36 South, is moving to London’s West End in a bid to be closer to clients and to attract more assets.

Shadow of Madoff


It’s hard enough for fund firms to get investors to put money into markets when stocks are so volatile, but it seems they’re also still having to wrestle with the bad publicity from U.S. financier Bernard Madoff’s giant fraud.

rtr23ea9Ashraf Mohamed, portfolio manager and head of Islamic funds at investment firm Stanlib in South Africa, told the London leg of the Reuters Islamic Banking and Finance Summit that investors are still nervous of another Madoff.

Madoff blow for funds of hedge funds


Today’s update by S&P Fund Services on its ratings for seven funds with exposure to Bernard Madoff’s fraud shows just what a blow to the fund of hedge funds industry the scandal has been.

rtxcojvS&P said that five funds of hedge funds that invested in Madoff and whose ratings it placed under review in December when the scandal broke have now been downgraded to “not rated” — Bonhote Alternative Multi-Arbitrage,  DGC Pendulum, Dinvest Concentrated Opportunities, Dinvest Total Return and RMF Four Seasons.

from Global Investing:

Reuters Funds Summit: Madoff, the silent presence

Master-fraudster Bernie Madoff is the invisible guest at an annual fund fest in Luxembourg, the European capital for fund administration.

Even though the former Nasdaq chairman is under arrest thousands of miles away from this discreet financial centre nestled between Belgium, France and Germany, his presence was omnipresent. Fund managers just can't stop mentioning him.

Staying positive


rtr23yfeThere seems to be an endless wave of bad news hitting the hedge fund industry at the moment — gates and suspensions, record poor performance, the Bernard Madoff scandal and so forth – but there are still one or two reasons to be positive.

According to a survey of institutional investors by alternative assets data group Preqin, conducted in January (and therefore after the alleged Madoff fraud came to light), only 8 percent said they were no longer confident about hedge funds and would reduce investments.

Hope springs eternal – time to plant a hedge?



By Alexander Smith


If redemptions are getting the better of you and you thought your industry was about to disappear, you may be amazed to hear there are still those wanting to start their own hedge funds.

rtx5napAn email from Financial Technologies Forum LLC brings news of a new course in New York next month giving you everything you need to get going.