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Hope springs eternal – time to plant a hedge?



By Alexander Smith


If redemptions are getting the better of you and you thought your industry was about to disappear, you may be amazed to hear there are still those wanting to start their own hedge funds.

rtx5napAn email from Financial Technologies Forum LLC brings news of a new course in New York next month giving you everything you need to get going.

“How to Launch a Hedge Fund” opens with sessions on “Up-front decisions – an overview of key decisions to be made before starting a hedge fund” and ”legal issues”. If you get through those and make it to the end of the day you’ll finish off with instruction on “compliance issues” and “investor due diligence – why it is done and what to expect from the investor”.

There doesn’t appear to be a session on “dealing with massive redemptions” or “what to do if you invested in Madoff”, but you wouldn’t want to be scared off.