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HedgeWorld-Dykema distressed investing outlook webinar Feb 23


Distressed investing was one of the best performing hedge fund strategies in 2009, up nearly 43% according to the Hennessee Group – and many experts see continued opportunities in 2010. The recession may have been declared over, but companies and governments are still facing major problems.

Join HedgeWorld and a panel of distressed investing experts including Dykema law firm partner Richard Bendix and Jon
Anderson, GlobeOp’s global head of valuations and OTC derivatives as we discuss the outlook for distressed in 2010.

We will review the results of our annual HedgeWorld-Dykema Insolvency Outlook Survey, which asks managers for their views on the current state of the distressed world and how they’re positioning themselves for the future. We’ll also talk directly to managers and other experts in the distressed space, including lawyers and turnaround specialists to find out from them how they see things playing out this year.

During this 90 minute program, topics that will be covered are:

* How portfolio construction is changing to accommodate changes in allocations to distressed investment opportunities.