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from Global Investing:

A dish best served cold


Alain Grisay, the softly spoken CEO of F&C Investments, was in a wry humour at F&C’s annual press seminar for European journalists on Thursday.

Fresh from his bout with the UK’s Treasury Select Committee on the causes of the banking crisis, and enjoying a respectable set of fourth quarter figures, Grisay is in the rare position of having come through the storm with his house intact. “We have just gone through an unrequested market stress test that confirms our model works,” he said. “We were able to report resilient results for the year and took the market by surprise."

His company has been viewed as boring in the past by market commentators, but Grisay observed drily that in some quarters F&C is now viewed as a “must have”.

With majority shareholder Friends Provident confirming that it has given up trying to sell F&C, Grisay said he saw a lot more value to be created in building up the shop rather than taking it to pieces.