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HedgeWorld Webinar


A little late notice, but on Tuesday, Dec. 15, HedgeWorld is presenting a 90-minute web-based seminar for and about emerging managers. RTXQPRZ

How do you navigate the rough waters of starting a fund of funds? REUTERS/Luke MacGregor.

“Emerging Manager Fund Raising: How to Attract and Retain Assets in 2010″ brings together a panel of managers who’ve navigated the rough waters of starting a fund and fund of funds managers and marketing experts.

Together they’ll dish on topics like the likelihood of registration and what effect that will have on start-ups, common mistakes emerging managers make, how to get in front of the “right” investors, how to build investor and seeder relationships while at the same time managing the fund and building a track record, and what to do in advance of seeking allocation or seed capital.
To join us, or to order a CD-ROM copy of the presentation, please visit