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Morning Line-Up: Barclays private equity, F&C, shorted Gartmore



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Barclays to sell private equity arm to management - FT

F&C clients advised to vote against firm’s remuneration - Daily Telegraph

Hedge funds eye Gartmore short-selling – Reuters

Phew, the Gartmore “will it, won’t it” game is over!



SO: Gartmore is going ahead with a listing on the LSE after all, ending a “will it- won’t it” game that has gone on for quite a bit in the past few weeks. Phew!


gartmore-picThe company CEO, Jeffrey Meyer, says the firm does not strictly need to raise cash now to pay off any urgent debt. In fact the debt taken on to finance the management buy-out in 2006 is not due for years and years to come. Gartmore is going to market simply because it feels like it is the right moment to do it.