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Celeb connection in hedge fund move

It’s hardly a revelation to say the world of hedge fund managers and celebrities often overlap, but there’s a couple of interesting celebrity connections with our exclusive today that fund of hedge funds manager Cem Habib has left Cheyne Capital to work in investment banking. RTXEGIK

Tamara Beckwith (left) works on Stanbury's website

Habib is married to entrepreneur and former personal style consultant Caroline Stanbury. Reportedly once a girlfriend of Prince Andrew, she recently gave an interview (complete with slideshow) to The London Magazine about the couple’s opulent Kensington home.

She’s also the founder of upmarket gifts website Gift-Library, offering readers the chance to buy, among other things, Rolex watches, emerald necklaces and diamond rings.

There you can peruse items specially selected by her friends, including socialite Tamara Beckwith and billionaire Goga Ashkenazi, who’s a partner in the firm.