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Morning line-up: Asian solar, bonds and correlations


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Hedge fund performers


The top sectors in the year to date.


from Emily Chasan:

Fortress CEO: The black box is dead

     Famously secretive hedge funds may have to stop being so secretive if they are to continue attracting all that money from their wealthy clients.

Chief executive of Fortress Investment Group, the $41.7 billion hedge fund and private equity group, said investors are demanding a lot more transparency these days.

Cheyne Capital on leverage…


European lawmakers are watering down their proposals for an across-the-board cap on hedge fund leverage, says Cheyne Capital Chief Investment Officer Chris Goekjian.

Morning line-up: FSA, risk and wise owls


News and views on the fund industry from Reuters and elsewhere:

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A mixed picture


Results from fund firms GAM and Jupiter this morning provide some interesting insights into the different drivers of the hedge fund industry.

GAM, which saw profits tumble last year as clients pulled out of its hedge funds, recorded net inflows into these portfolios for the first time in two years, showing that, despite market volatility and investor caution, there is money out there looking for a home and that a firm can still reverse its fortunes in this climate.