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Hedge funds “a good thing”, says Taleb


Regulators are going after the wrong target by trying to impose stricter rules on hedge funds, according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, high-profile author of credit crisis hit The Black Swan.

rtxnzh6Taking a decidedly negative view of banks, Taleb told the Hedge 2009 conference in London today that a bank is essentially “a utility with a compensation scheme”, which the public has to bail out if it fails.

Hedge 2009


Today sees the start of the Hedge 2009 conference at the Hilton by Tower Bridge.

rtr27e5bSpeakers such as USS and Permal will assess what investors are looking for in hedge funds while Polygon and SVM will debate how funds put forward the right liquidity terms to investors.

Back in rude health


The hedge fund industry, it seems, has come out of intensive care and is doing laps around the block again.

After last year’s turmoil, funds are seeing assets flow back, performance pick up and confidence return.

HFSB sees risk in leverage rules


There’s no shortage of resentment in London against the EU’s planned directive on hedge funds, but the Hedge Fund Standards Board on Monday said the rules could actually create one of the problems they’re set up to avoid.

rtx72xk1At a CSFI debate at the beautiful Innholder’s Hall in the City, HFSB executive director Thomas Deinet pointed out that, as seen all too often in the credit crisis, in falling markets a fund’s leverage automatically rises.