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London’s future looks cloudy


Data from HFI out today may provide further ammunition for those who fear London’s position as Europe’s hedge hub is under threat.

rtr27e5bLondon’s share of global hedge fund firms running more than $1 billion in assets slipped in the first half of 2009 to less than 15 percent from more than 17 percent.

The number of such firms it houses fell to 55 from 65 as several firms’ assets fell below the $1 billion mark.

While not an indicator that firms are moving because of next April’s 50 percent tax on high earners, some will argue it shows the UK’s prime position as home to the biggest European hedge funds is not unassailable and could be further hurt by the tax plans.

Every Cloud…


Creative Destruction?As politicians and regulators worldwide prepare a new blueprint to marshall the hedge fund industry, the organisers of the GAIM industry conference release the early agenda for their annual Monaco pow wow.

Unsurprisingly, the June 16-18 summit takes the theme: Transformation In A New World Order. And even less surprisingly, several sessions are set to ponder how to best snag a new breed of circumspect investors, and how to adapt to a new regulatory environment.

Hedgies leave fancy duds at home as credit crisis crimps style

- rtr1mgp6By Svea Herbst


Ladies and Gentlemen: you may leave your ball gowns and tuxedos at home tonight.

That’s the message the badly battered hedge fund industry is sending its managers, lawyers and accountants who are planning to attend Hedge Funds Care, one of the industry’s most successful charity events in New York on Wednesday evening.

In the wake of the industry’s 19 percent loss last year, organizers scrapped the annual black-tie dinner in favor of a cocktail party, Kathryn Conroy, the charity’s executive director said.