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Pensions, mergers and the Spanish (and otherwise) Inquisition


Spare a thought for the UK Pensions Regulator:  is losing its CEO next month (to a new agency set up to educate the UK public on money and financial matters) right at the time when its actions will be scrutinised.

Iberia and BA are telling the markets they want to merge, but the 3.7 billion pound BA pension deficit is also telling one or two things to the shareholders and investor squad. That is why what the Pensions Regulator says to BA’s plans to face the pension black-hole is very important.

Will it approve the plan? Will it require more cash? Will Iberia stomach any additional contributions?

Whatever it does, the regulator is bound to attract criticism and in the full glare of international publicity: if it asks for more assets and Iberia leaves, it will be blamed for scuppering the deal.  If it agrees to the BA recovery plan, some will say it let the air carrier off the hook.