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GAIM 2009: Hendry goes long



Maverick hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry is rarely far from controversy and his appearance at the GAIM conference in Monaco this week was no exception.


HendryHaving been scheduled to give a short talk on the future of capitalism before getting into a longer discussion with Lombard Street Research chief international economist Charles Dumas, Hendry proceeded to overrun his slot, giving his views on pretty much anything to do with the world of investment.


Perhaps sensing he might not get the chance to give all his views on capitalism’s plight, Dumas twice attempted to interrupt Hendry’s monologue mid-flow, protesting that “this is meant to be a discussion”.


When Hendry finally did bring his speech to a close, Dumas took full advantage of the airtime presented to him to vent his obvious annoyance.

Saving Hendry? Thanks but no thanks, says Hugh


rtr1z9ud1It was always unlikely that a letter of advice was going to change the mind of maverick hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry.


And in his latest letter to investors, Hendry has smartly rebuffed any attempt to ‘save’ him from his bond investments.