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from Global Investing:

Reuters Funds Summit: The end of equities?

Another in our series of one-minute managers. This time it is Ken Kinsey-Quick, who heads up multi manager investing at Thames River Capital. He reckons the old days of buying and holding equities over the long term are gone for good. Is he right?

USS’s enterprise


rtr1g12yThe 23 billion-pound Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is boldly going where few investors are prepared to go at the moment and upping its allocation to hedge funds.

Despite last year’s record poor performance from the hedge fund industry, Britain’s second-biggest pension fund is sticking with a mission to double its allocations to hedge funds and private equity to 20 percent.

Staying positive


rtr23yfeThere seems to be an endless wave of bad news hitting the hedge fund industry at the moment — gates and suspensions, record poor performance, the Bernard Madoff scandal and so forth – but there are still one or two reasons to be positive.

According to a survey of institutional investors by alternative assets data group Preqin, conducted in January (and therefore after the alleged Madoff fraud came to light), only 8 percent said they were no longer confident about hedge funds and would reduce investments.

Chicken Little was Quite the Optimist


By Martin de Sa’Pinto


If the sky falls, at least you know how far it can go – the worst case scenario is that it will hit the ground.


That’s not the case for the hedge funds, asset managers and banks exposed to toxic assets.

40 years on…


Back when the hedge fund industry was barely into its 20s, numbered just 150 funds and managed all of $1 billion, you might have thought times were simpler; untroubled by the kinds of questions and concerns that now dominate after a turbulent year.

Think again.

Browsing through a 1969 article in Fortune magazine by Carol J Loomis you could be forgiven for concluding the industry has barely moved on. If the last year has seen the painful payback from a frantic pursuit of returns, then so it was 1969.