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Good news for fundies, bad news for nephews


The National Association of Pension Funds isn’t quite as rambunctious as in the days of fat-cat bashing by Christine Farnish, but it still offers up intriguing glimpses into the lives and loves of the nation’s worker drones and retirees.

The latest survey (of 1,248 British full and part-time employees – for the record) makes very clear the priorities as people prepare for retirement, with full pockets winning a convincing victory over full hearts.

Some 71 percent pick out financial security as a bedrock of happiness in the dusk of life,  and they want to be fit enough to splurge it all on escorted Rhineland river cruises and hydraulic beds;  good health scores 69 percent.

It’s maybe a bit depressing, though, that just 45 percent think happiness will come from the love and attention of their family and friends. (More people say they’d get a kick out of travel in retirement — presumably escaping the unwanted embraces of significant others. One in seven respondents said the one thing they would miss most in retirement was time away from their partner…)