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Myners sets his sights on EU directive


There has been no shortage of people lining up to lambast the EU’s draft directive on hedge funds and private equity.

rtr251dkBut today the UK’s Financial Services Secretary Lord Myners stepped up the attack, criticizing the draft rules on leverage caps and where funds can be sold and promising a blitzkrieg of lobbying.

“It is perhaps easy for other European countries to make political capital out of demanding intrusive regulation of an industry of which they have little or no direct experience,” he told a meeting organized by the Alternative Investment Management Association this morning. “But it is woefully short-sighted, bordering on a weak form of protectionism.”

Declaring that the draft required “major surgery”, Myners set out plans to “leverage natural alliances” and also to win over other countries.

from DealZone:

Wrestling for control

wrestleDespite objections, and a rival bid from PAI Partners, a group of three distressed debt investors proved successful in their aggressive bid to wrestle control of French roofing company Monier through a debt for equity swap.

The restructuring deal sees Monier’s 1.9 billion euro debt load halved in exchange for senior lenders taking full ownership of the firm.

from Global Investing:

Falling on deaf ears

The European private equity industry today published its response to the proposed Alternative Investment Fund Managers directive that seeks to place controls on the industry.

In what it must hope will be seen as a carefully considered and constructed response to the European Commission's hastily drafted and ill-thought-out proposed directive, the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association -- the voice for private equity in Europe -- calls for the threshold for reporting on its companies' activities to be lifted to 1 billion euros assets under management from 500 million.

One big mess


As you’ve probably noticed, there’s no shortage of regulation in the wake of the biggest financial crisis in 80 years.

IOSCO has been fleshing out pledges made by G20 leaders while the European Commission has put forward its highly-controversial draft law on hedge funds and private equity. Meanwhile the EU is formally reviewing MiFID next year.rtr1gtnc

Draft chills hedgies


The horse-trading is over (for now) and the EU has published its draft directive on regulation for the hedge fund and private equity industries. EU commissioner Charlie McCreevy must be doing something right as his plans have angered parties on both sides of the fence.

EU FlagThe Alternative Investment Management Association is furious after claiming political manouevering has riddden roughshod over its own efforts to drive a “proportionate”  industry-led solution which promised increased transparency. The Party of European Socialists (PES), meanwhile, appears equally frustrated.

Europe – The Final Countdown


The war of words is hotting up in the days leading up to next week’s draft EC directive on hedge funds and private equity.

rtxctmyThe publication date has already been postponed from this week, with suggestions of last-minute exchanges between those in the tough regulation camp and those in the free market camp.

Dog Days at Cerberus


HUNGARY/Embattled Cerberus Capital Management, a private-equity firm named for the mythological three-headed dog that guards the gates of Hades, has been overwhelmed by clients seeking to withdraw money from its $2 billion hedge fund, Cerberus Partners.

Website FINAlternatives said that fund investors representing 17 percent of the assets wanted to withdraw their money in December, the most recent month for which statistics are available. Now, with Cerberus’s investments in Chrysler and GMAC going bad and unemployed investors needing to tap more funds, that figure may be heading higher.

Counting sheep


By Lorraine Turner


Speakers at the Reuters Hedge Fund and Private Equity summit this week were asked “what keeps you awake at night” and the answers were wide-ranging, from “my 7-week old daughter” to “the next meteorite”.



Some executives are left counting sheep over the heavyweight questions that are plaguing our economies such as how low investment markets will fall or how the credit crisis can be eased as businesses remain stymied by a lack of credit.

Watch Pi Capital CEO David Giampaolo give his investment outlook

Giampaolo was speaking today at the London leg of the Reuters Hedge Fund and Private Equity Summit.

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Watch hedge fund manager Colin McLean give his market outlook

McLean was speaking today at London leg of the Reuters Hedge Fund and Private Equity Summit.