Vick vs. Kyrgyzstan


Hey, what the hell is the matter with you people?

Your headline reports Michael Vick pleads guilty to dog fighting and then on the same page, your photo essay involves closeups of sanctioned animal brutality. Chained up wolves being attacked by trained eagles? Isn’t that a little sick? I thought Reuters had class.


I note the single most prominent headline on your webpage reads: “Vick Admits guilt.” I also couldn’t help but notice another headline 1-2 inches from the Vick headline, which reads: “Nature vs. nature” – “More then 20 hunters with dogs and eagles take part in a national hunting festival in Kyrgyzstan.”

There is no way on Earth this is a mere coincidence. It is a clear attempt to insinuate that what Vick did is little different than what lots of red-blooded male sportsmen do for fun and recreation, pitting dogs against living creatures….for kicks…..for sport.


The “hunting festival” photos from Kyrgyzstan were disturbing, and one could debate whether they all belonged on, but the photos were taken on the same day as the Vick verdict, thousands of miles apart, by pure coincidence, and no editorial message was intended: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Vladimir Pirogov


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Didn’t catch the bit on wolves/eagles, but will say there is no such thing as “irrelevant coincidence”. There ARE moments when we may notice one events relationship to another, and those are moments of decision. A friend who worked with bird dogs for upland game hunting spoke of dogs who “blink” and he meant “don’t see”. Humans do the same … don’t see, don’t allow themselves to catch the moment. Don’t respond from a sense of what is “right” vs what is convenient, or what will sell in this case. Writers who call you to task on the “coincidence” of the two articles are correct. But what I meant to write about is Vick’s apology. If he wants to redeem himself, (as he is quoted as saying), then he can spend a couple of years and/or quite a bit of money dedicating time to compassionate welfare of publicly speaking against dogfighting and/or dedicating same kind of energy and resources to animal welfare. Still way too many people who will only have male dog pets (“to not have puppies”) but will not neuter these male dogs. (Male human owners of this persuasion speak as if neutering the male dogs is “as if” having the same done to themselves and are quite adamant about it. They’ve told me this directly.) Of course, they won’t spay the females either, and puppy after puppy is born with poor prospects of being owned and cared for in joy and love. Vick could also speak out to encourage neutering/spaying. Not in a single statement, but in speaking engagements across time. I’d suggest 2 years at least. He might discover the part of himself he’d like to experience – the part that is in touch with compassion for all life. Thanks for opportunity to comment. Maggie.

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vick is just doing what hundreds of thousands of people are doing around the world–and in many ways it’s less cruel then horse racing–where steroidal and pain killing injections keep horses running after their knees are shot–I’ve been invited to rooster and dog fights while getting my car fixed or doing laundry–its a big gambling venue–and brings in billions for the promoters–you can’t outlaw everything and then go eat a cheeze burger– the enjoyment of cruelty and suffering are a part of our national psycology–we all love war movies and slasher films and they make gazillions of dollars–its just business folks–lay off Vick

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I think that Michael Vick should of been convicted just like if he would of tortured little infant or children!! He got a slap in the face!! How can anyone welcome this monster?? It makes me sick to my stomach!!!!!Between Saddam Hussein and him, I don’t see any difference!! Hope he break his neck and end up paralyzed for the rest of his life. At least he won’t hurt anyone again!!!

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