CIA whistle-blower Philip Agee dies in Cuba

agee-160.jpgHAVANA (Reuters) – Philip Agee, a former CIA agent who exposed its undercover operations in Latin America in a 1975 book, died in Havana, the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma said on Wednesday.

Regarding your headline, Agee was a traitor who exposed fellow CIA agents to violence and murder by revealing their names in his book.  False lionizing of this traitor makes YOU HIS ACCOMPLICES.If you hate America so much, then base your offices in Cuba. Need help packing? LET US KNOW…


Several readers objected to the “whistle-blower” headline, making a fair point. We subsequently change the headline to:

Ex-CIA spy who exposed agents dies in Cuba GBU Editor

REUTERS file photo by Rafael Perez


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[…] the fatal beneficiary of Cuban medicine, as a “whistle-blower.” Reuters has recanted, and Reuters now characterizes Agee as an “Ex-CIA spy who exposed […]

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The work of this organization continually shows an anti-U.S. and anti-capitalist bias.

In fact, the way things have been reported, and then later shown to be inaccurate show a bias against rational thought and democratic ideals.

The only thigh slightly amusing about the whole mess is how Reuters can continually let reporting like this case past. There is a lack of awareness within that is pathetic.

My guess is that if Stalin or Lenin were alive today they would be considered misunderstood humanitarians by Reuters.

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It would be nice if Al Reuters could get some adult supervision on board. This type of nonsense should never see the light of day at a world wide org.

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Oh! You didn’t like that headline? Here … let us change it to a more acceptable one. Feel better about us now?

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Dear Friends, How much does the Democrat Party pay you to act as the publicity wing of the far Left? News Agency? that’s a joke. Please change your title to Democratic publicity organization, a bit of truth won’t hurt you folks.

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[…] Read it. Whoa … Reuters may have a sense of shame after all. But probably not. […]

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“Layer upon layer of fact checking that bloggers do not have access to…”

Uhhh, yep… We see – once again – why you and all of the other dinosaur media outlets (TV, newspapers, etc.) are referred to as the “old media”.

Wish I could say it’s been nice reading you but the American people will only take so much BS before getting tired of it and America’s “Main Stream Media [Ha!]” blew it decades ago.

Buh-bye now. Please go away and leave the news reporting to those in the NEW media. We’ve edured your lies and spin long enough, thank you.

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Actually, Agee wasn’t really a spy. As I remember it, he was an analyst.

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What is really scary is that Reuters is less anti-American than the New York Times. The NYT will probably pay for the funeral and establish a scolarship fund to Columbia.

Ray Robison is the author of Both In One Trench: Saddam’s Secret Terror Documents’


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“Traitor” is a fitting descriptor of Agee, you could look it up. Want to borrow a dictioary?

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“Ex-CIA spy who exposed agents dies in Cuba” ????

THIS is what you change your misleading headline to? To another misleading headline that isn’t quite as bad but still pathetic? Why don’t you just admit the guy was a traitor to the US? What is your problem?

And then you wonder why no one believes you any more.

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This was a guy who described himself as “proud to be a Marxist-Leninist”. He was no “whistle blower” he was a traitor who defected to Cuba for the same reasons that Kim Philby defected to the Soviet Union. He was safe and welcome there because of the service he provided to the Cuban Intelligence service. The good news is that he lived long enough to see “Marxism-Leninism” thouroughly discredied becuase of its brutal nature. The bad news is that the SOB didn’t die in an American prison.

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funny that those who are most critical of the united states are the ones who benefit the most from its extremely liberal free speech protections.

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We should probably be thankful Reuters didn’t publish photochopped pics to go along with their blatantly biased and uninformed headline.

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Dear comrades at Reuters, I communicated from
my current location (Very Hot) to a Politburo to issue an Order of Lenin to your faithful organization.

Dont listen to reactionaries above and do what’s
right for common good (Yes you can have a Big slice of that)

The Reactionaries above please report to Boxcar #76766769780 for a trip to sensitivity seminar…
Bring warm underware.

Lovingly ,
Uncle Joe.

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Reuters has been an anti-American, anti-Semitic and pro-terrorism “news” agency for a long time now. They are not just shills for the Left; they are the spokesman for Jihad International.

Reuters should be banned from the United States. They are a dangerous outfit in league with the enemies of America.

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Based on your headlines I suspect you’ll be referring to Scotter Libby and Armittage as Whistle-blowers for outting Valerie Plame.

You do realize your political slant is showing on your sleeve? I suspected we will see more fauxtographs to go with this article.

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Not good enough. Whoever wrote the headline should be fired immediately. Who is running your organization. Your coverage is consistently biased. This is not an isolated instance.

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Is it possible that the powers that be at Reuters are getting large amounts of money from sources who are set on destroying the United States, Europe, and in fact anything characterized as “the West.” Could that be the explanation for why Reuters’ reporting has gone over the top in terms of its bias?

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Remember: Everyone’s terrorist is Al Reuters’ ‘freedom fighter.’

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Now that I really know where Reuters stands, I’ll give all your reporting (and the publications that use your material) a big miss.

Perhaps your organization should seek refuge in Cuba as well. Pretty sure you’ll fit right in.

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What would you call…

… a former CIA operative who betrays fellow agents and runs away to Cuba? Reuters started out with the word “whistle-blower,” but has since taken a different line.
Unsurprisingly, right-of-center blogs see this as another example of …

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Is anybody really surprised by this? Like AP calling Hussein the journalist an innocent bystander, even though he was bagged with terrorist docs and weapons.

Whom doesn’t Reuters love that isn’t an enemy of the United States, or civilization in general?
I have to wonder if Reuters has portraits of former Reichminster and Pride of the Fatherland Josef Goebbels adorning their offices.

Then again, maybe not.

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Is there any evil historical figure that Reuters can’t find praise for? If they did a bio on the devil he’d be labeled an ‘activist of heaven’.

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The AP is sadly just as leftist and hateful of America as is Reuters.

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[…] ripped apart for calling him a "whistler-blower" instead of ‘treasonous bastard"… Whistle-blower? […]

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It is good to know that this traitor to the USA died in extreme pain and alone.

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Notice they still don’t use the appropriate description of TRAITOR.

Boadle does a fine job whitewashing Agee’s treason and subsequent responsibility for the murder of CIA operatives.

Newsflash, Reuters: The internet is your worst nightmare. You can’t get away with presenting the “facts” as you see fit.

Over the last 40 years, the American media has gradually synchronized with the leftist party line, which is part and parcel of modern journalism.

Once considered the “Fourth Estate”, the press has mutated into the “Fifth Column”.
Most of them are so visceral and leftwing it makes the likes of Vladimir Lenin look like a Republican.
They want all of the rights of free press but none of the consequences.

It’s supposed to be the “watchdog” , but who watches the “watchdog”?

Well, you just got your answer.

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[…] MSM bastardize our language by using every dirty propaganda trick in the book. For example, here is Reuters calling a traitor a “whistle-blower” of all things. In fact that – calling things what they ain’t – is the MSM’s favorite […]

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oh my anti-left, anti-everything of which is not to the right of bush, is it time to call to scotter libby a traitor ??

that would get your blood boiling..wouldn’t it….

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‘CIA double agent Philip Agee dies in Cuba’


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