That’s not Tibet…


The news title is “China fires tear gas on monks protesting in Tibet”.  I mean, I have no question about the article itself, but the seven photos that accompany this article clearly show South East Asian police instead of Chinese police putting down protest. If you dont have the photos, you can just leave them blank. These photos dont add any credibility to the article at all…


Several readers wrote in about this. There was certainly no attempt to confuse anybody. There were seven very dramatic photos in this slideshow, and the captions for each made very clear they were taken at a demonstration that day at the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. In addition, you will note that the second paragraph of the story refers to “a string of marches around the world…” GBU Editor


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UNGODLY China invaded Tibet in 1959 and today wants to complete the hegemony by using UNGODLY Demonic force !!!No Chinese government employee in Tibet can practice ANY religion — they have to take an oath that they are UNGODLY and the Demons of China!!!Now they want to turn one of the world’s MOST Godly religious, spiritual and peaceful Country of TIbet into UNGODLY “CHINA”Using DEMONIC force condemns every Chinese to hell for eternity and ever … those who participate in any form, spirit, command or carrying out orders forever drag their ANCESTORS to dungeons of DOOM and hell for ever !!! So the curcse goes!!!

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it is really a pity that we have to listen to the butchers and murderers of the the third world people who have specialised in engineeriring riots and civil wars in country after country sermonise on human rights, democracy and what not!dhalai lama, an agent of American Imperilism,who has had been lying low for a while is again trying to destabilise the peaceful Tibet, AN AUTONOMOUS REGION OF CHINA. THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA SHALL NOT ALLOW HIM TO INDULGE IN SUCH DIRTY TRICKS!

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Boycott buying from China and move the Olympic games until China releases Tibet… People have a lot of power if they work together.

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I don’t know if this is going to get through or not, but here goes,, shame on china, what they are doing is a crime, commuist country, never would i ever travel to china, boycott the olympics, wake up world what china is doing is wrong, they lie, murder,china should get out of tibet, its not there country, china is a ungodly country, the rulers of china are murders.

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How apt in this, the Year of Bashing China, that media that consistently frame the Palestinian struggle against Israeli occupation and Iraqi struggle against US occupation as terrorism are framing the Tibetan struggle against Chinese occupation as the struggle for freedom.

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What is happening in Tibet is some sort of ‘Colonialism with Chinese characteristics”.

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china’s actions in tibet and the sudan are clear indications of what it intends to do with its neighbours and the west once it reaches superpower status. we need to stop it in Its tracks now. china and russia are teaming up for another attempt at world domination. communism must be allowed to fail.boycott the olympics and stop buying made in china products

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Boycott products, services and Olympics until China reverses its cruel dog and cat massacre and campaign of public mis-information. Check it out at:  /articles/news/worldnews.html?in_articl e_id=528694&in_page_id=1811Shame on China.

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“You can judge a society by the way it treats its animals” – GandhiChina, finding itself loathed for its despicable violations of human and animals, must find itself alone in the global market, shunned and despised until some real tangible effort is made to the contrary. No more money or attention to China until they stop their holocaust.

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Agree with a v samikkannu. And a word to all people who at any time, for any reason, on any subject, want to make his or her comment: go to get the truth before you unleash your misguided anger. There was no “China invading Tibet in 1959″, there was no need to–cause Tibet had officially been a part of China for a history much longer than that of the US, back in the 13th century and ever since. Even the title “Dalai Lama” was legally clinched in 1653 by Chinese Emperor Shun Zhi of Qing Dynasty. And the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso now popping into the spotlight in such a violent and thus a shameful way was himself instituted only after ratification from the former Republic of China central government in 1940. What’s more, he was elected Vice Chairman of China’s first NPC Standing Committee in 1954 when he attended the congress in Beijing. I think he might be unwilling to mention that part of his personal history and would hate people mention it, arrogating to himself the image of a persecuted and exiled religious leader and advocate of democracy. But history is history, it can’t be erased, it can’t be altered, it does not serve in anyone’s special interests as they would like it to.

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I am agree with Chinese Govenment.I come from China,The foreign news is not true.I don’t think the foreign people are as free as their government say. go to get the truth before you unleash your misguided anger.

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you can listen ton the voice from Chinese Govrnment.

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BOYCOTT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hold the Chinese and BIG Business Accountable!!!Start Boycott Now !!Start your personal boycott buy not purchasing products made and sold by the sponsors of the Olympic Games like GE-General Electric and NBC, Coca Cola Corp, McDonald’s Corp., Allstate, Hilton Hotels, Kellogg’s, United Airlines, Nike, Tyson Foods, Eastman Kodak, John Hancock, Johnson & Johnson, Lenovo, Panasonic, Samsung, VISA ..etc. in every country they sell in from the Americas to Zambia.The international community needs to belly up to the table and strike while the iron is hot. Weather the games go on or not any body with a pulse and any sense of decency needs to put their money where there heart is and push for a full press Boycott of not only China but the massive corporations supporting and advertising in the games and prostituting the Olympic Rings for the sake of financial gain. The large corporations like Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s and many more should be ashamed of their shifty misguided rhetoric that all this is a “Hands off, Government of China deal”…….and as far as loosing your money or your shareholders money……SUCK IT UP you made the deals with no regard but your pocketbooks. Grow a spine and do the right thing and if you need help figuring that out just ask the people of Tibet.As for the Individual…..Buy one less Big Mac, Stop buying Coke….boycott one purchase at a time and take back our international, national, and individual integrity. Quit selling Humanity and America so Cheaply !!!We will not forget the people of Tibet, we are with you!!!!FREE TIBET….. FREE TIBET !!!

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Tibet’s energy provided a home for me and it’s so sad they are being persecuted by teenage military bullies who haven’t even got the guts to engage in mature dialogue.I had to really look to find a bulleting board taking open comments about this sad persecution of Tibet. It’s like ‘ooh, Chinese military are so sensitive and delicate they have to turn off the comments of other countries since they’re so weak.’Tibet is a super power of the true power LOVE..and they have migrated everywhere where no bully can touch them. Who cares about the Olympics when cowards are hosting them?

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I think it’s important is that when you write articles about the number of “civilians” that have died supposedly at the hands of Tibetan protestors, you make it clear these are only allegations by the Chinese Govt & not confirmed or independently verified facts. I’ve seen no evidence that Tibetans killed any people, let alone any Chinese people. China makes these allegations as though they were facts but provides no evidence to support it. Moreover, China refuses to allow foreign media in Tibet to investigate all claims, whether made by Tibetans or China. It seems China doesn’t want foreign witnesses to their oppression in Tibet.

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west media tell lies againthe cop in the image is not chinese,he is a Hindoo.before 1959 tibet was in slayery ,do you think slave have more human rights than now?

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people can never judge things from what it looks like and what u read about was not what it happened there.

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