Resigned, not fired…

Ferraro leaves Clinton campaign in flap over race

obama-160.jpgThat prompted the Obama campaign, which fired an adviser who called Clinton a “monster,” to urge the former first lady to break with Ferraro to send a message about the negative tone of the campaign

This article stated that the Obama campaign fired the advisor who called Hillary Clinton a “monster”. That is completely incorrect and I believe an attempt to shine a brighter light on the Obama campaign than on the Clinton one. Samantha Powers resigned.


You are correct. Our description of those events should have been worded differently: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Frank Polich


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Ferraro “Resigned, not fired…” could it be that she was forced into resignation?

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Dear Presidential Candidates and Fellow Americans,

Can’t anyone tell the truth? Is any aware or does anyone care that American’s are fed up with the bickering, name calling, card pulling, mud slinging antics of all of the candidates? Do American’s know or care that we are being treated as monkeys prodded to react by polls and media fodder. One candidate is discovered to have said or done something debatable and they defend themselves like children, “Oh yeah? What about them, look at what they did?”

No wonder American’s are disillusioned with government. Much like some television sitcoms, politics are an act with a poorly written script. You would think that with the Actor’s Guild’s new contract they could contrive better material for the caricature candidates.

Do you want my vote? Grow up! Tell me the truth! I’m a big boy now. Don’t lie to me and say you’re going to fix healthcare when you can’t. Don’t tell me that you’re going to cut taxes when you won’t. Don’t tell me about your foreign policy experience and then say you “misspoke” about it. Don’t ask me to believe in change unless you’re absolutely sure that you can deliver. Don’t cover up your flaws by attacking your opponents flaws.

You have turned politics is the epitome of childish high school student government elections. Voting based on popularity and character bashing.

Tell me that we are in a recession. Tell me that taxes may increase in order to get us out of out the hundred trillion dollar debt to countries like China. Tell me that healthcare will continue to get more expensive because lobbyist and their imbedded government representatives along with money thirsty hospitals, doctors, and HMO’s will never allow inexpensive healthcare. Tell me that we are stuck in Iraq because the international community will rebuke us for abandoning something we started and pulling out all of our troops will without doubt induce an unconventional civil war and spill into surrounding nations.

Tell me the truth! Then and only then will you get my vote!

Respectfully Submitted

Nathan J. Lugo

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