Which one is Eliot?

spitzer-180.jpgNew York Governor Eliot Spitzer (R) stands next to his wife Silda Wall Spitzer as he announces his resignation at his office in New York March 12, 2008. Spitzer faced pressure to quit since it was reported earlier in the week that he was caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a prostitute at a Washington hotel last month.

The caption is incorrect and being sent to the world. I think you should issue a correction ASAP. Eliot Spitzer is a DEMOCRAT and NOT a REPUBLICAN; therefore, the (R) should be a (D).

Joseph B.

The (R) in this instance refers to his position in the photo (right) and not his party. This has confused readers in the past, as well. Of course, one might ask whether we really need to distinguish between Spitzer and his wife in a photograph of two people: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Brendan McDermid

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You might consider changing your style to use a lower-case “r” or “l” for positioning. I know you’re based in Britain, and covering American politics is only a small part of what you do. But if you are creating this sort of misreading, then a simple change would be smart.

(r.) would be even better–the period (or stop) would alert people that it’s an abbreviation.

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