Very heavy grapes and gems?

Engagement ring ends up gone with the wind

diamond-180.jpgHajji, of Hackney, east London, had concealed a 6,000-pound engagement ring inside a helium balloon. The idea was that she would pop the balloon as he popped the question.

A 6,000-pound ring?

Dale M. 

Accountant loses 300,000 pound grape lawsuit

Those of us who are not on your monetary system read this headline to be refer to litigation rergarding the largest grape ever grown. £ would have been clearer and would have saved space.

Steve S.
These versions of the two stories above  appeared on our UK site, where most readers would tend to understand that pound referred to price, and not weight. On, the figures were converted to dollars. Having said that, to American eyes those references do look kind of funny: GBU Editor


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I have to disagree with the GBU Editor for the first time ever. In the UK, one would never write, e.g. “I earn 1000 pounds.” The £ symbol is always used. I am aware that our banknotes do say “Ten pounds”, for instance, but the wording in general on our banknotes is archaic – “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of” is a good example.

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I met Sonny Barger many years ago.It began a 47 year relationship as a HAMC hangaround.Monument John and I were in high school and have traveled this road with the HAMC since 1961.
We have met Sonny thousands of times since then.He has always been the same person.Many of the OM’s,that’s original members,are still the same.All of us have aged.We have one common thread….Red and White forever.
I want to thank you for not calling these men a gang.They are not and never will be a gang.They are a motorcycle club or MC.That’s what’s on their vests.Good for you in presenting an article that was positive about Sonny and the HAMC.Monument John and I would suggest you attend a few Club events.I mean from California to the East Coast,Canada, and Europe.Get some current input and write some more.I think it would be better than the crap they offer on reality TV.As, Al Collins would say,it’s time for some more Brand X coffee.I will catch you on the flip side,Eric Steinberg.Yes,You can find me on Zaba.

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Kudos! I was looking where i could post a comment and finally found it here! reuters blog has the courage to admit their mistakes in front of everyone! That’s real nice :) Keep up the good work! I’ve linked to this site from my blog

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My comment is the article today on the Ten American Idol finalists. Apparently the editors cannot count and left one good contestant out Syesha Mercado that sang Yesterday. It was easy to see one was left out . Please proof read

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Why does Rueters continue to claim that the number of US soldiers ‘killed’ in Iraq, includes those who have died of reasons other than hostile action? If a soldier dies of heart failure, as a number have, have they been ‘killed’ in Iraq? Over 10 percent of the US deaths have been due to accident, illness or suicide. Either Reuters is too lazy to differentiate between combat deaths and other deaths, or they wish to further and agenda by pumping up the numbers to mislead their readers into thinking the effort is more costly in lives. They might also mention that even though the US military is involved in ongoing conflicts, the death rate is comparable to the death rate of the military under the Carter admin due to improved equipment, training and safety measures. Don’t use their sacrifice for your own agenda. Just tell the truth.

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