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Israeli Troops Given the Go-Ahead to Kill Peaceful Palestinian Protesters

Your name is supposed to have credibility. After letting this blog posting appear I believer you have severly damaged your reputation. It is hateful and inaccurate, which begs me to ask why it is being posted on your site?  


I find it totally deplorable that you would lend your credibility to such a ridiculous, shameful and heinous piece of propaganda. Is there no process of review or editing before you publish posts to the blogs hosted on your site?


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No such program is perfect, and there is precedent for our removing some blogs that we don’t believe are constructive in tone. We removed this post yesterday. This is analogous to the way in which we handle some reader comments, as well. GBU Editor


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If you’ve ever been shot will remember it!!

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How is it that the media feeds on the statements of Barack Obama’s minister, a man not running for anything, for over a week while the other Democratic contender flat out lies about her experiences and this news does not stay in the news cycle for more than a day? Any other American who lied in a job interview would be taken out of consideration immediately and yet, the American press can be bothered to even mention it. Are we seeing racism here, favoritism or cynicism?

Whatever it is, the press is not informing the public of the facts.

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