Curb that verb…

US Air pilot’s gun accidentally goes off on plane

The pilot was a Federal Flight Deck Officer, permissioned by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to carry a firearm.

In an article today you write “permissioned by”.  I hope that you will permission me to ask, but since when has “permission” become a verb?


This article says that an airline pilot was “permissioned” to carry a firearm. Seriously? “Permissioned”? Would “permitted” really not have sufficed?


I’m happy to report that a number of readers noticed this one, and yes, permitted was what we were looking for: GBU Editor


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we have a candidate running for congress in ms that is quoted in the meridian star “every time we get bombed then we ough to drop a hard bomb on iran and syria where all this garbage is coming from”, do we need this kind of talk from a potential member of congress?? john mccain needs this??

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I will tell you why this one did not receive more complaints. It was ignored. It was very insulting towards Christians and ignored by most of us :o)

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