Annual competition

hunky-180.jpgCompetitors await their turn onstage during San Francisco’s annual Hunky Jesus competition in Dolores Park on Easter Sunday March 23, 2008. The tradition is officiated by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, a group of social activist drag queen nuns. REUTERS/ Erin Siegal

This event is extremely insulting to followers of Christianity. I cannot understand why Reuters would report it in a positive light and not the mockery to the Christian faith that it truly is. Although Christians do not riot and kill people over dipictions of Christ, we do hold our faith just as sacred as poeple of other faiths.


I was honestly a little surprised that we didn’t hear from more readers about this one: GBU Editor


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Although Christians do not riot and kill people over dipictions of Christ…

Obviously P.F. hasn’t visited african, south asian (which I have) and polynesian countries ever in her/his life….

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Oh lighten up, P.F. How is this insulting? In what way is this a mockery? If anything, its an homage.

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I agree with a.d. These people should do something constructive and positive instead looking like a weido. It would be better if they hold like a prayer service and like a rally. That way they would be able to strengthen their spirits through God and be better for the person. Besides it is better to act like Christ than to look like him. Look at Charles Manson…he probably can look like one of those people in the picture but he sure did not want to be Christ-like.

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Why not criticize religion? God had better have a sense of humor !

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“Hunky Jesus”??? Hang on a second. This IS insulting to Christianity. Isn’t one of the seven deadly sins Vanity?

Most people seem to forget that Jesus went through angony on the crucifix for our sins. And we show “homage” by seeing how “hunky” he can be in a talent show? This is sick and just plain stupid. Shame on all of you who agree with this blasphomy! This is just another way of young boys thinking with their little heads and not paying proper respect.

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