Reporting the Ground Zero prayer…

Pope Ground Zero prayer seeks terrorists’ redemption

pope-glasses-180.jpg“Turn to your way of love those whose hearts and minds are consumed with hatred.”

I read with interest your article on the heartfelt words of the Pope at 911’s ground zero. I found nothing in the article to substantiate your headline, which implies the Pope was seeking absolution for the 911 terrorists.

1. The Pope makes no reference to the 911 terrorists.

2. There is nothing in the article regarding forgiveness or salvation for those involved.The picture you paint in your headline is skewed given the Pope’s actual words as quoted. Headlines shout the essential meaning of your articles and you appeared to have played fast and easy with the factual content of this particular article.

John E. 

Several readers objected to our leap of faith, so to speak, in interpreting this section of the prayer. Our religion writers stand behind their decision. There is a very interesting ongoing discussion of this very question on It’s worth reading if you’re interested, but that blog’s editor concludes: “At first I thought that was a bad headline, but now I think that it does capture the essence of the text.” GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Max Rossi

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