Hitting out at a headline

Obama hits out at Clinton for negative campaign 

obama-180.jpgHits out… who ever heard of such a thing?  I guess you will save the term “LASHES OUT” for the Republican candidate?


What does “hits out” mean? I’ve never used “hits out” in my life and I have never heard anyone use it. 


It’s not terribly obscure. My dictionary includes the following as one definition for the word hit: “to assail effectively and sharply (often fol. by out): The speech hits out at warmongering.” GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Frank Polich 


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Not everybody reading news articles has a dictionary at the ready. I consider myself reasonably capable with language, and I had not, to my best recollection, ever heard of that usage for “hit”.

I am all for more erudite newswriters, but leaning on obscurity does not help anyone.

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I’ve never heard “hit off”. It’s very obscure.

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It is a typo I believe. The line should read as –

“Obama hits-it-off at Clinton for negative campaign.”


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The truth needs no moderation.

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