Bad cropping…

change-360.jpgThere is a reuters photo of Obama circulating that includes a background picture with the “Change” banner cropped down to “Hang”.

Some people may find this quite offensive and would have a very hard time believing this was just an honest mistake. Really looks like it was done on purpose, or there is no editing staff whatsoever. Please remove it.


We have deleted the photo, which was cropped for an online product by an editor who didn’t notice the unfortunate word the editing left behind. We had no possible reason to do this on purpose. GBU Editor


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Will you please send your reporters to school to learn how to spell. “Defence” should be “defense” and it was mispelled every single time.

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Defence is spelt defence in the UK. My understanding was that Reuters would use British spelling as, at least historically, it is a British company. I like defence over ‘defense’ which looks completely wrong to me.. please keep it that way!

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“Defence”….. The British spell it with a “c” and Americans use the ‘s”. Either way it is correct. Since Reuters is a British firm, I guess they have preference.

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Gee, now that’s settled, could you change the front page, top right ad for “Reuters breaking news alerts” which you’ve been running for months: you know, the one where Clinton is shown peeking over Obama’s shoulder? (Is Reuters a tad biased? Well, yeah.) BTW, I see she’s hugely ahead in West Virginia. Not surprisingly, no mention on Reuters of that. Yet.

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