Trouble with names…

Scottish Labour says “bring on” independence vote 

The pro-independence Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) formed a minority government after Scottish elections last year with a one-seat win over Labour, breaking decades of Labour hold on the country which has also provided key backing for the national party in Westminster.

Your story, while broadly accurate in reflecting the comments from the various politicos involved, does contain one rather unfortunate error. The Scottish Nationalist Party in fact is the ‘Scottish National Party’. While this may seem a minor error I’m fairly sure the Conservative Party would never be described by reuters as the Conservation Party.

D. H.

UK police find Himmler/Churchill archive forgeries

Forensic examination revealed letterheads on documents purported to be written by Bernard Bracken, minister of information for wartime prime minister Churchill, in 1945 were made with a laser printer.

The Minister for Information in Churchill’s government was BRENDAN Bracken.


Readers were right in both cases. We corrected both: GBU Editor

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