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Oxford Street victim faced rape charges

LONDON (Reuters) – The man who was stabbed to death in Oxford Street this week was facing charges of raping a 16-year-old girl and pouring acid over her afterwards to hide the crime, it was revealed on Wednesday.

He faced a further charge of causing grievous bodily harm by pouring caustic soda on the victim. Media reports said the chemical was used in an attempt to destroy evidence and caused the 16-year-old severe burns.

In paragraph one you refer to acid, but then later you say he ”faced a further charge of causing grievous bodily harm by pouring caustic soda” on her.

Caustic soda is about as far from acid as it is possible to get – it is an alkali, ie. the OPPOSITE of acid. Did neither your reporter nor your editor pay attention in chemistry class at school?


Several readers pointed out the difference. The substance was caustic soda, and it appears the reference to acid should not have been there: GBU Editor

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