Liberal Edward Kennedy?

Obama pays tribute to liberal Edward Kennedy
kennedy-180.jpgMIDDLETOWN, Conn., May 25 (Reuters) – U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama, seen by some as the heir to the Kennedy family legacy, praised Sen. Edward Kennedy as a champion for the poor and struggling, as he stepped in for the ailing Massachusetts senator at a graduation ceremony.

I don’t understand Reuters decision to include the “liberal” label to describe Senator Kennedy in the headline. The “liberal” label seems totally irrelevant to the content of the article.

By labeling Senator Kennedy as “liberal”, Reuters reflects a not-so-subtle conservative bias, not only against Senator Kennedy, but, by association, against Barack Obama as well. Shame on you, Reuters. You should know better. 

Lake Tahoe

Several readers questioned the word in this context. The headline originally referred to “liberal icon Kennedy,” which seems more appropriate, but then icon got dropped in the editing process: GBU Editor 

REUTERS photo by Brian Snyder 

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why have you got basketball and baseball as the headlines in the sport section. No one watches these sports apart from Americans so they have no part in an international sports section. Shpuld be in minority sports section.

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