Best choice for economy?

McCain seen as best choice for economy

mccain-180.jpgNEW YORK (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s tax policies have given him an edge as the better man for the economy, various Wall Street experts said at this week’s Reuters Investment Outlook Summit.

But, against a backdrop of job losses and deteriorating home values, Wall Street is backing McCain’s Democratic rival, Barack Obama with cold, hard cash.

This headline reeks of bias. The headline is vague and not based on anything provable. I could just as easily have found a handful of Wall Street experts to say Obama is better for the economy. I encourage Reuters editors to keep objectivity in mind during a politically charged season. 

Peter J.

Several readers objected to this headlineespecially in light of a second paragraph that said Wall Street is giving money to Obama, anyway. The headline was later changed to clarify that it was the view of people speaking at a Reuters Summit: GBU Editor 

REUTERS photo by Richard Carson


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Its impossible for anyone to claim that this news article is biased, when the contents of the article are accurately based upon facts, evidence and logic.

From a political and economic viewpoint, McCain’s domestic policies regarding American economic health have been categorically ranked by media and economic authorities as being sound, and in comparison to those offered by leading members of the DNC, considered more viable, because they are based upon proven, financial methods, which if adhered to, will lessen the effects of the current recession and lead to a recovery that can be parlayed by business and financial institutions for economic growth in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail and service industries.

From a purely political viewpoint, criticism by “democrats” of this article certainly points as to which party is using the war of rhetoric to inspire doubt, fear and uncertainty in the minds of those who reply the integrity of Reuter’s reports to gauge not only the competence by also the credibility of the current Presidential candidates. In addition, since Mr. Obama has not offered for review any specific, domestic financial policies to help alleviate the current economic turndown, who is to say that any exist. The United States has never been nor should it be reliant upon persons whose “on the job training” would neither provide the leadership or the wisdom to manage not only domestic financial policy but also assume other responsibilities commensurate with the title, “President of the United States”.

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I’ll believe Reuters is biased for McCain when they do as they have done for Obama and publish a photo of him with a halo.

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