The round-up

Sprint prices iPhone rival Instinct at $130

iphone-200.jpgNEW YORK (Reuters) – The Instinct, Sprint Nextel Corp’s answer to the iPhone, will sell for $130 after rebate, Sprint said on Wednesday.

Analysts say it will be tough for Instinct to compete with a new, high-speed iPhone model due to go on sale for $199 on July 11.

How come when you mention the iPhone price you round down to $199, but when you mention the Instinct, you round up to $130? Are you trying to make it look like the price difference is not as much as if you rounded the iPhone to $200? Either round both up or both down to be consistent.


We were consistent. The iPhone will indeed cost $199, so there was no reason to round that up or down. Instinct will cost $129.99, so we rounded up by one penny, as opposed to rounding down by 99 cents: GBU Editor


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There’s no doubt media organisations deserve much of the criticism they receive these days, but my goodness! this one’s beyond pedantic. And a conspiracy theory, to boot!

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I agree with the first comment. But to keep pedantic: I guess you rather rounded up by one CENT, not a penny (unless this is some standing expression that a German does not know about :-))

Posted by Tobias | Report as abusive

Yes, Tobias, I think it is a culture gap: I believe “penny” is American slangfor a cent.

In Australia, we got rid of pennies in the 1960s (in favour of cents), and just as well — they were the size of an American half dollar!


Posted by Gerry Gibberer | Report as abusive

A one-cent coin is called a penny, like a five-cent coin is called a nickel and a ten-cent coin a dime.

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