Obama in Germany


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama makes a speech in front of the Victory Column (Siegessaeule) in Berlin July 24, 2008.  REUTERS/Tobias Schwarz

These people were little cutouts of different photos. These were fakes created on a computer. I cannot believe anyone actually reads your pathetic propaganda.You really think we are that stupid?


You know, I think I’ll let others answer that question. But I hope you realize there is video as well. Also, I’m pretty sure we weren’t alone in covering the event: GBU Editor


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If we could only edit stupidity and ignorance out of people….

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Wow, V.Y. You really have issues.

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There is a local person who continues to write our local paper with the comment that Barack Obama is going to turn our young people into “Hitler Youth”. I do not believe this at all – but when I look at that photo I have to ask myself…
regarding the comment by V.Y. – do you look at any other news than that which is online?? A cursory viewing of CNN, MSNBC, even C-SPAN, would have shown you the same images.
L Wheeler

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Republicans are so sad about the fact that McBush is not popular among americans. I you watch the videos of McCain’s meetings with the public, you can see that there are like 100 people at his meetings (compared to 20.000 with Obama). And even those 100 guys are probably on republican party’s payroll.

Well, get over it. You screwed and looted the country, enough for you. Stop the War!

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Its because the republicans are so despised worldwide that their diehard believers can’t understand how someone like Obama can be so well recieved. News flash… its easy after the corrupt Bush/Cheney regime of the last 8 years.

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L Wheeler, “but when i look at that photo i have to ask myself…”… That is a bizarre comment to make: German doesn’t equal Nazi. German people are open minded, educated and well informed people and don’t condone violence, let alone nazism, since decades ago. They are there because of their interest in international politics and global issues, as most of europeans are.

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yes VY you are that stupid…….

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