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Gore likely to star at Democratic convention

WASHINGTON, July 31 (Reuters) – Al Gore, long mocked as an exaggerating bore, seems certain to land a lead role at the Democratic National Convention as an internationally recognized defender of the Earth.

gore-0731-220.jpgExcuse me, but when an article begins with “Al Gore, long mocked as an exaggerating bore…”, I think it should be labeled as an editorial and not a news story.

Cyber Nut

If this was an opinion piece, I would understand the statement, but as a news piece, this is a very sad example of biased editorializing. Most of the mocking and claims of “exaggerating” come from highly partisan opponents, and should be identified as such.

Overall, starting this article on such a negative tone degrades the professional integrity of Reuters as a legitimate unbiased media resource.


Only the nasty segment of the Republican party could be said to have “long mocked as an exagerrating bore.” That type of statement really has no place in a news article. If it was a Republican campaign advertisement then it should have been labeled as such. There is really no place for this type of yellow-journalism.

Richard S.

This is completely irresponsible, below the belt, nasty and unacceptable. No one, among Democrats, references Al Gore in that manner.


I always thought that Reuters was an unbiased source of news. I’m a journalism school graduate. We never would’ve gotten away with lines like that at the University of Georgia. Neither should Reuters.


How about leading your next story about G. Bush with: “the lying, drunken frat boy who openly defies the law and the constitution, and lies about wars he starts”?


Quite a few readers wrote in to object to this reference to Gore: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Jim Young


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All the people that have commented above have entirely missed that this Reuters article was an incredibly pro-Gore article.

Why did two very pro-Gore articles appeared within 30 minutes of each other?

Obama is about to fulfill a 6 year pledge to step aside for Al Gore a few weeks before the convention.

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I like to comment on you article by Russell Peters on last nights Mariah Carey concert at the Hollywood and Highland Center in Hollywood.

First of all I was there and there were may be 700-800 people not “THOUSANDS OF FANS” like he wrote. She lip synced and people were pretty annoyed at her.

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The opening sentence couldn’t be more on target. If a person can’t see how this charlatan is creating a hysterical crisis for his own personal gain via scam carbon credits and his various hedge funds, then he or she is in major denial. The climate is changing but the human contribution is so minimal it is laughable. All of you on the bandwagon will eat crow when the temperature starts to precipitously drop due to the inactive solar cycle we are currently experiencing. I hope when the realization sets in, you all will vow to stop listening to this anti-capitalist, environmental extremist propaganda. One can only hope.

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What, and that’s it?

Your editor simply notes that they received a lot of commentary about this loaded sentence, but no action is taken? Explanations offered? No?

Strictly speaking Reuters is 100@ accurate – Gore has been mocked for allegedly exaggerating – by critics, mostly right-wing.

Addition of those two simple words “by critics” would have taken a lot of sting out of a sentence obviously designed to draw readers in.

Worked, it did.

Journalism, it’s not.

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I am not a critic of Gore nor even an American.But Reuters was accurate in saying Gore is (not has been, as he continues to be) mocked as a BORE and as a person who exaggerates.Anyone who has heard him speak,and not just republicans or critics,soon concludes that Gore is an exaggerating bore.So no inaccuracy,nor implied criticism from Reuters,just FACTS,which is as it should be.And that is why Reuters in its answer has nothing to retract or amend.

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