Who’s the coach?

Brett Favre reinstated by league

brett-favre-220.jpgFavre will undergo a physical examination and a running test when he reports to the team’s training camp on Monday. Coach Mike Sherman is scheduled to speak to both quarterbacks in the evening.

“It’s important for us to communicate,” Sherman told reporters. “There are things we need to go through and from that conversation we will move forward.”

In your article, you keep making reference to Coach Mike Sherman. Mike Sherman is no longer the coach, it is now Mike McCarthy. Great job of editing and knowing your subject!!


Coach Mike Sherman is an old Packers coach — hasn’t been with the team since 2005. Mike McCarthy is the current Packers coach so not sure why Coach Mike Sherman would be talking to Rodgers and Favre tonight.

Seriously, it’s a simple fact check even a non-sports writer could catch, especially with all of the focus on the Favre saga — plus, the article is listed as having an editor.


A number of readers noticed this one. We corrected: GBU Editor 

REUTERS photo by Allen Fredrickson


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There is a mistake in the article titled ‘Israel’s Peres pens greeting for Beijing Games’.

Please note that Israel’s decades-old conflict with the Palestinians in THE OCCUPIED WEST BANK AND GAZA STRIP DID NOT become a tragic focus of the 1972 Games in Munich.
The reason is that in 1972 the occupation was five year’s old (not decades-old) as these areas were captured in the 1967 Middle East war. Also, as of 2006, Israel does not occupy the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s decades-old conflict with the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip became a tragic focus of the 1972 Games in Munich, where the Israeli delegation was raided by Palestinian gunmen. Eleven athletes and trainers were killed.

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You have to be kidding! Brett is a Green Bay icon! I cannot believe he will wear another teams jersey. He was a hero to so many because he stayed true to Green Bay. But in the end it is a farce. Rather than stay true to one (Deanna be careful), he did what he wanted to do to satisfy himself.

I loved watching him play. I probably always will. But I have a bit of a problem with him “shacking up” with another team.

Brett, where are your loyalties? Perhaps Brat Favre is a good name for you.

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