Political bias?


Why don’t your rename your site the Obama’s election site? I did not know who to vote for but all the news media is pushing Obama so I will vote for McCain.

Mick I.

I visit your site many times every day and hace been doing so for several years. It is clear that you have decided to back the Republican candidate for President. My question is why would you drive millions of users away from your site and the many products & services it features?  

Robert Q. 

Hang on. Maybe you guys should talk to each other. These e-mails arrived about an hour apart: GBU Editor

Barack Obama photo: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

John McCain photo: REUTERS/Brian Snyder  


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Love the Reuter’s pictures (The last 24 hours).
However, I’m tired of seeing Obama’s face flash before my eyes every three seconds while looking at the photos. Are you guys trying to have an influence? Who woulda thought. What’s amazing is that he’s hugging McCain and McCain’s face is not really noticable. What a face Obama has – it stands out like a sore thumb. Just a picture of him is like a campaign in itself. Will you please remove these flashing pictures of the presidential candidates? If I want to see them, I can click on the links of my own volition. Let me enjoy the pictures without feeling assulted by this ridiculous campaign.

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News organizations often point to these sorts of dueling criticisms to show that they are somehow bias-free, when it proves nothing of the sort.

Sometimes the bias is much more subtle.

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Here is the add copy it before they take it down…Mcain is using subliminal messaging via- audio and visual advertising – that was outlawed many years ago and considered imoral…
http://www.johnmccain.com/Informing/Mult imedia/Player.aspx?guid=848322d6-92fe-40 3e-9cc7-85b6b3ee4011

Please let me know- have an audio/video expert take it apart- their is subliminal encoding in the audio and video…Aleast Imoral at most illegal…

thank you

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The Edward’s Affair proves the Media is not in bed with the Obama team by ignoring the obvious. If Edwards was disqualified from running due to a sex scandal, then Hillary would have been disqualified or viewed hypocritically. The Media sat on the story until the last day it could be used as news to help the Clintons. The outrage of this scandal can be spun to help Hillary appear as a victim of a process. The Media took sides when it sat on the story by helping Hillary. She was not inevitable.

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Apparently Reuters didn’t hear about Australian journalist Steve Robilliard who was mugged just outside of his Olympic hotel. It’s on the wires in Australia and New Zealand.

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Obama visits grandmother who is aging, and that gets put at the end of the article? I am so tired of this “gotcha” type of editorial comment (It certainly isn’t reporting.)

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Obama calls Americans back to the can do spirit of the Nations founders??? What does he mean “back to”. This country has that spirit now, in the present. Americans have never lost that spirit. Some Polititions seem to have lost it, OBAMA AND HIS WIFE.

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