Are we psychic?

Palin defends qualifications, slaps Obama

palin-160.jpgST. PAUL, Sept 3 (Reuters) – Sarah Palin defended her small-town roots and swiped at Democrat Barack Obama during a highly anticipated speech to the Republican convention on Wednesday, ridiculing her critics as “the Washington elite” who did not understand everyday life in America.

In her public debut in the spotlight, John McCain’s choice for vice president came out swinging against Obama and members of the news media who have raised questions about her qualifications.

Why in the hell are you carrying an article of Sarah Palin’s speech a full HOUR before she has said a single word?! Do you people have a time machine or something? Why not call the election, NOW?!


She hasn’t given the speech yet. Your reporter must be psychic.


This seemed to confuse a number of readers. We are not psychic. Our story said in the third paragraph that the quotes came fromĀ remarks prepared for delivery at the convention. Perhaps it could have gone a bit higher in the story: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Robert Galbraith

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Publishing advance quotes from a press release I can buy. However, if that was the intent (regardless of where in the article it was mentioned), the opening paragraphs should not have been written in the past tense.

It appears that this is another example of Reuters releasing a story early.

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