Those Palin photos…

palin-legs-3-200.jpgpalin-legs-1-180.jpgpalin-legs-1-180.jpgI think the pictures you showed of Sarah Palin’s legs and the boys in between them were dispicable and VERY sexist.

You are supposed to be a professional news source. This is stooping to new lows. This is the kind of journalism you would expect to find in the tabloid ragsheets!


What are you thinking? Do you know how offensive it is that you published this sexist photo of the Republican V.P. candidate.

What a bunch of slime! Reuters isn’t even close to being a news service with this kind of slanted journalism. Shame on you!


palin-legs-2-200.jpgNever again will I take any thing serious from your slimy news agency. I do not care Dem or woman other than a pole dancers deserves this kind of photo…

I also feel for the young man who went here thought he was being involved in America’s political process. You just cheapened him You disgust me!!


palin-legs-3-200.jpgShame, Shame, Shame, Shame on You and Your Publication! YOU OWE GOV. PALIN AND THE PUBLIC A HUGE, HUGE APOLOGY!


How dare you! You obviously have no respect for my country or its women. If that had been a man speaking – Joe Biden – would an equivalent photo have been taken and published? I think not! You are nothing but a bunch of sexist pigs – no class at all!


Grow up – what a tacky thing to do. Your site traffic must be falling off; you needed something to create new interest. Obviously, some small minded photographer and a smaller mined publisher got together to belittle her or maybe fantasize. How childish.


These photos of Governor Palin, from a Pennsylvania rally, were very unpopular. Many readers wrote to say they were sexist and in very poor taste.

They were the topic of discussion elsewhere as well, including the Fox news site, where thousands of readers commented: GBU Editor

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she has great legs,no harm no foul.

Posted by syd | Report as abusive

What’s the heck? Give us a break. This is fun. Its a good foto. It shows strong and healthy leg.

Lighten up and see the good things in this foto. Some people just want to be upset at something; maybe because the campaign is not going well, maybe.

Palin displayed her legs and photographer took a shot. Learn something from Tina Turner. Take this as a compliment.

Let’s get over this whining and go back to discussing the important issues of this campaign.

Posted by Honesty | Report as abusive

It’s great to see a bit of creativity being used in what is a very tedious and predictable election campaign. Congratulations to the photographer for finding a new angle, kinda like looking up from the gutter, from where so many citizens will probably be viewing the world given the horrendous mess our leaders have made of the 21st century so far. And yes, from here they do look like great legs. Well done that photographer and the editor. Don’t let the short-sighted re-activists stop you.

Posted by Peter H | Report as abusive

What’s the big deal? It’s an interesting angle as well as an interesting study of the audience no matter who the legs belong to or whether they’re clad in trousers or tights.

Posted by M | Report as abusive

I suggest that some of you folk need to get a sense of humour!!! I’m sure she is having a laugh at it, she has already achieved a huge success – talk about political correctness run wild – is it no longer possible for people to laugh at themselves?

From down under.

Posted by Terri Monroe | Report as abusive

I heard about the pictures before I saw them. The photographer turned junk shots into moneymakers. The look of admiration is classic and captivating, I wonder who he will vote for? This kind of coverage makes me wonder if he put the camera on the stage and took a picture looking under her skirt?

Posted by mjojan | Report as abusive

I think it’s funny that the conservatives freak out about this, yes palin has nice legs, and the photo is amusing because she is considered an attractive woman. if we cant have fun with all this then we might as well call up the thought police right now. i personally think she is pretty much evil, but i think this about most of the right these days, their blatant fascist rhetoric is astounding, I’ll be dancing around the block when Obama wins.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

i would also like to add that the one with the children is actually quite good, from an artistic point of view, its almost a metaphor for our childlike amazement with superficial aesthetics.

Posted by Jeremy | Report as abusive

It’s a great photo representation of the true platform on which she stands. If she didn’t have half-way decent looks, she wouldn’t have a leg to stand on as a viable candidate. What comes out of her mouth is pure nonsense.

These pictures represent well the shallowness of her candidacy and the only thing she has to offer……comic and sexist relief.

Posted by Sam23 | Report as abusive

I see you choose to print only those hypocritical views that youy paper probably expouses. Taking a photo up a women’s legs is always SEXIST unless the ‘said’ person is a Democrat. This is very unpleasant.

In the Middle East and in many Muslim homes this is the image we get of the WEST. HYPOCRITICAL. Palin should wear a full cloak and cover herself (like Muslim women)in a country that women are held in full REGARD and EQUALITY.

Posted by Robina | Report as abusive