For Whom the Bell Tolls…


And now a personal note. This will be the last editor’s message in the Before the Bell news mail, although you’ll still get an automated mailing of the top business and economic stories.

I’ve really enjoyed giving you my take on the ups and downs of the markets, and I wish you all the best in these tumultuous times.

In the closing words of “The Sopranos,” don’t stop believing!


Lisa Von Ahn
News Mail Editor

Whoever is behind the pseudonym Lisa Von Ahn…. Thanks for your email newsletters. I was always refreshing to get your email… The best breakfast: Coffee, Croissant and Lisa’s Before the bell email… Have a pleasant day.

Viv in Ohio

I will miss your commentary…socialism is always more palatable if it benefits the rich! Never will I forget that cynicism…good morning and good luck. Yah!


I have been subscribing to Before the Bell News Mail for the past 1 year and I truly enjoyed it so far. It was great having news updates with personal touch on a daily basis. I personally like reading news and I can sincerely say that Before the Bell News Mail is one of the most interesting daily updates that is available to me to date, especially with the creative and humourous writing of Lisa Von Ahn. I will appreciate if Reuters can reconsider its decision to end the Before the Bell News Mail.


I am sorry to read of the demise of this……..

I found it informative and upbeat each morning…


I found Lisa’s morning digest of the day’s market open immensely helpful. This adds a lot of value to the readers, much more so than simply an automated email with news links!!! I hope this would continue.


This is just a quick note to say that I miss the editorial comment that used to be included in the “Before the Bell” email. Lisa Von Ahn’s commentary was always informative and sometimes witty. I wish you would bring back the commentary.


I am EXTREMELY saddened that you will be discontinuing the editor’s message in the Before the Bell news mail. It was consice, accurate and entertaining. It will be a HUGE loss!


You’re preaching to the choir. I was a big fan myself. This was an issue of allocating resources amid the global meltdown. We do pay close attention to reader feedback, and Lisa’s popularity is hereby noted. Watch this space: GBU Editor

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I thoroughly enjoyed Lisa in the morning with “Before the Bell” and sorry to hear it will be discontinued. Lisa got the morning started with her style, wit and keeping us informed. Perhaps you would reconsider and keep the column.


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