The same guy?

We think that B. Hussein Obama is really Osama Bin Laden. Look at photos of them. The eyes are the same – all else could be altered cosmetically.  What greater humiliation could America take at this point, than to elect our ‘arch enemy’ as President? Look for yourself.

The M. Family

Uncanny.  Same smile, everything. How could we not have noticed this before? GBU Editor

Osama Bin Laden: REUTERS file photo

Barack Obama: REUTERS/Steve Marcus

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you have to be kidding me! Only someone sick would do something like that! You must have fallen and bumped your head! cause you really need to have your eyes checked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by regina | Report as abusive

This is something I’ve noticed all along. I took pictures earlier and put the two together, cover everything but the eyes and they’re identical. I really think if they’re not the same, the closely work together.

Posted by t.e. | Report as abusive

I think change of face is possible but cahnge of identity is really difficult so considering Obama and Osama the same guy is really a joke!!!!!!

Posted by Simmi | Report as abusive

This is the most insulting thing in this entire election. I thought that the “Obama is a muslim” thing was going way too far, but then I see this..?

Where is everyone’s common sense?

Posted by Greg | Report as abusive

I think anything is possible. If that is him we are really in trouble.

Posted by Terry Wilkerson | Report as abusive

Obama’s PRESIDENCY has been praised by the entire world hoping that being a just, fair and decent human being, the way he has portrayed himself, he will bring respect for America and he will established America as the kinder, gentle, peace loving, fair and just Super power.
But within 24-hours he is losing the respect from some of the world Nations including the oppressed Palestinians by appointing the harsh and right wing Israel leaning Jew as his Chief Of Staff. IF HE WILL CONTINUE SUCH APPOINTMENTS, PEOPLE WILL FIND OUT VERY SOON, WHETHER HE IS CAPABLE OF MAKING ANY POITIVE CHANGES IN THE AMERICAN POLICIES OR WILL USE THE SAME OLD CARDS? AND LIKE BUSH, HE WILL ALSO LOSE HIS AND AMERICA’S IMAGE WITHIN FEW DAYS OR MONTHS.

Posted by john afraidi | Report as abusive

I think Obama will be a good president. I really wanted McCain to win, because he has given so much to this country.But I think Obama having Clinton advisors with him, saying it would be foolish to cut military spending.That makes me feel so much better, because we will be tested, like Joe Biden said.And we need to remain the best military in the world in case of world threats. I am proud of Obama for making that decision!!

Posted by Beth Lunsford | Report as abusive

Isn’t this reader’s comment another version of “They all look alike to me” , or basically racist?

Posted by Lisa Vonbraun | Report as abusive

The first comment IS racist and the following comments smack of republican disgruntlement over loosing the election, or a complete lack of connection to reality… or both.

For those of us with our feet on the ground, expect our first Black president to lead on the charismatic level of John F. Kennedy, another Democrat. He has the intelligence, education, common sense and foresight on the level of Kennedy… one of the greatest presidents in American history… and, he’s arrived just in time!

Posted by Luke Banks | Report as abusive

amazing uncanny and stupid

Posted by woody | Report as abusive

If Obama could pull off a that unbelievable dual existence from 1961 to 2004, imagine what he will do as President.

Posted by Shirley | Report as abusive