Suppressing the story?

Chavez offers talks with “black man” in White House

CARACAS (Reuters) – Anti-U.S. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez predicted on Sunday the “black man” will win the U.S. presidential race and offered to hold talks with him to improve ties between the superpower and one its biggest oil suppliers.

This is a fascinating article. Eyebrow-raising indeed, and very newsworthy.

What’s even more fascinating is how your editorial staff is burying the article in the wrong section and the wrong subsection. Re-read the article and please tell me why it’s posted under “Reuters Africa /Energy and Oil”.  Is this an attempt to suppress the story?


Let me get this straight. You think we covered the story and ran it online in order to suppress it? This story appeared in our POLITICS channel, among others: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Guillermo Granja

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The election is over and our country has made history by electing the first black to the Presidency. The majority have spoken. I say just this: You have gotten what you wished for and I only hope it is what you thought you wanted. But as the adage so clearly states: Be careful of what you wish for, you may just get it! The policies this man stands for are NOT what our country is all about but with a clear majority in BOTH houses of Congress the laws and changes he wishes to make will pass with ease. THEN America when he has torn our Constitution to shreds even worse than Clinton did will you realize all is not as you had wanted. GOD bless America soon to be the home of the Socialist Republic of the North American continent!

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Oh, what a crock!

If you want constitution-shredding, take a good look at Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al in terms of going to war, Guantanamo, torture etc etc.

“The policies this man stands for are NOT what our country is all about…”

So, which policies ARE this country about? Reckless greed and selfishness? Official secrecy and violation of civil liberties? Tax cuts for the rich and economic ruin for the rest?

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