Mr. Unpopular President?

McCain and Obama hit key states in final 48 hours

Obama warned supporters against overconfidence during rallies in Ohio, one of about a dozen crucial battleground states that will decide Tuesday’s election to succeed unpopular President George W. Bush.

I actually have a comment. President Bush is his full and proper address. It is not The Unpopular President Bush. Please advise your writers as they seem to have misunderstood his title. President Bush is very very popular in certain areas and we resent your inappropriate mistitling of him.

Jimi W.

We did not upper case the word unpopular, but I take your point. The word seems out of place and unnecessary in that context: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Larry Downing

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Your posted article “SHIFTING POWER: Obama makes historic White House visit,” states that the transition “…the first wartime transfer of power in four decades and comes amid economic turmoil.”

This statement is incorrect, assuming that the writer is referring to the Johnson/Nixon transistion in 1969, the transition took place during the Vietnam-era police action, not a declared war (in the United States war can only be declared by Congress).

In fact the last transfer of Presdidential power that occurred during a proper war took place in 1945 when Roosevelt died in office.

Posted by Douglas Gilstrap | Report as abusive

The area Bush is most popular in,is the top 1% of tax payers, Plus the uninformed.

Posted by don v | Report as abusive

The fact that Dubya has the lowest approval rating of any president in history justifys the use of the word “unpopular.”

I don’t personally know anyone who voted for him, but I know people who voted against Kerry and Gore.

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