Broadly speaking…

Obama says he won’t be smoking in White House

Noting that the White House was a no-smoking zone, Brokaw asked Obama, “Have you stopped smoking?”

I have,” Obama replied, smiling broadly. “What I said was that there are times where I have fallen off the wagon.”

Your description of Obama smiling “broadly” stuck out like a sore thumb and rankles. “Smiling” would have sufficed, without the stereotypical adverb.

Holly M.

This was just a perfectly good adverb. Nothing more: GBU Editor

REUTERS photo by Jeff Haynes

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Ho Hum..and so we have..’cautious optimism”,giant shrimp’ etc etc..words can hurt..once it was a compliment to be called ‘a square’ for that meant one was fair and honest..then the powers that be,in order to push Teddy Roosevelt (he called his administration the square deal’ back into yesterday..square slowly became outdated and naive. Now we have ‘gay’ which used to mean one who had a pleasant it means same sex oriented..thus changing the meaning in speeches such as Lincolns speech re; the lynching of Lovejoy,abolitionist..when will it stop…he asks..

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