An All-American Cruise

“Valkyrie” challenges fans to rethink Tom Cruise

Cruise, of course, enjoys All-American looks that helped send him to movie stardom playing heroic young men such as Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in 1986 movie Top Gun. As of late, he’s been on a mea culpa tour to explain his odd behavior in recent years and to regain his good-guy image with fans.

I can’t believe that one of your writers would actually make the subversive comment about “All-American” looks.. Tell your writer that this country is full of European genetics. Neither American soil nor citizenship alters genetics. Duh!

I’ll question, from now on, whether reading a Reuters’ commentary is any better than the grocery-store rags.


Yes, this country is full of genes from just about everyplace, not just Europe. While the idea of “All-American looks” is commonly used here it would be difficult to explain and probably shouldn’t be used for an international audience, for fear of sounding as though we have a corner on good looks. There was also a bit of irony in this instance, since Cruise has German ancestors, among others: GBU Editor

Actor Tom Cruise speaks as he is interviewed while promoting the movie “Valkyrie” at the MuchMusic television station in Toronto December 8, 2008. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

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Please, lets not be politically correct. Isnt there such a thing as poetic license?

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