Kosher cookbook?

February 18, 2009

Madoff’s wife withdrew funds on eve of his arrest

Ruth Madoff, the co-author of a kosher cookbook, has drawn attention from prosecutors who tried unsuccessfully to have her husband’s bail revoked.

In this article your writers have deliberately engaged in antisemitic activity. Unable to simply come out and say, “The Madoffs are Jews” because this would be both irrelevant to the story and blatantly antisemitic, the authors resort to “Ruth Madoff is the co-author of a kosher cook book”, equally irrelevant to the story and not as blatantly antisemitic. Nevertheless, the barely-subtle message is very clear for those who want to hear it.

What do you propose should be done about this egregiously antisemitic reporting?


I think you’re reading WAY too much into what was simply a tidbit of information about someone in the news. If she had written a Chinese cookbook, we would have mentioned that: GBU Editor

Bernard Madoff walks back to his apartment in New York December 17, 2008. Disgraced financier Madoff, accused of orchestrating a $50 billion fraud, was placed under house arrest on Wednesday as BNP Paribas became the latest European bank to be sideswiped by the scandal. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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I care nothing about this mans religous beliefs. What I do care about is how average “John Doe American” is treated in comparison with the rich and famous. This man should not be lounging around in a multimillion dollar NY condo. Everyday he should be taken, cuffed hand and foot, to a light post, chained to it with a cardboard sign. “I”M A THIEF NEED WORK!” At minimum he should be in jail!

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