Gatsby was no Gekko

February 26, 2009

Wall Street’s allure may be gone for good

And Wall Streeters have long played leading roles in the popular imagination in the form of anti-heroes like Sherman McCoy (“Bonfire of the Vanities”), Gordon (“Greed Is Good”) Gekko (“Wall Street”) and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby.

Your story alludes to famous Wall Streeters in movies and books, and includes Fitzgerald’s Jay Gatsby as an example along with Gordon Gekko and Sherman McCoy.

But in fact Gatsby was NOT a Wall Streeter at all, nor was he very much interested in money at all, per se. The only banker/Wall Streeter in the entire book is the narrator, Nick, who is just a mid-level bond salesman.

Gatsby’s occupation isn’t clear; he was probably a bootlegger, and had connections with gamblers. Sorry, the Gatsby reference is wrong.


We corrected: GBU Editor

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