The Gulf, again…

April 6, 2009

Lamprell’s profit rises but dividend slashedLONDON, March 30 (Reuters) – Lamprell, an oil and gas services company in the Arabian Gulf, posted higher full-year profit, but slashed its final dividend by 74 percent citing difficult market conditions.I was reading a news article on your site and I came across the word “Arabian Gulf.” For thousands of years the body of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula has been called the Persian Gulf. It’s an absolute disgrace to see politics used in such a fashion. Purposefully changing the name of the Persian Gulf is absolutely unbelivable. Journalists aren’t supposed to be politicians. N.R.That was an error. Our style on that body of water is simply The Gulf, with neither Persian nor Arabian attached: GBU Editor

The Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Hartford is underway in the Gulf, March 20, 2009. REUTERS/U.S. Navy photo/Handout

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So are you going to start calling the Indian Ocean, “The Ocean”?Your answer is a classic cop-out. Calling the Persian Gulf by the name is has had for the last few centuries is not an insult to anyone. Avoiding that name is an insult to everyone. Shame on you.

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Please consider testing an alternative to video advertisements before each video story. The alternative would be. Brough to you by (sponsor name). Why? After seeing a commercial a time or two — and wastig time in the process, I just walk away, go to google, and look up the subject I was going to view. In that way I save time. Time is our scarcest resource. Work with the customer not against us, and we will buy your products.

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The Gulf of What?Mexico?If you are a news agency you must report with accuracy. Arabian Gulf could be another geographically different area from the Persian Gulf, if it existed.And “Gulf” there are aplenty but each has a different name. To omit important details is to stab your own credibility as a news source.

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