The wrong name?

April 26, 2009

Zemia Shoffner sells food at a Granmeen America open house at St. John’s University in New York April 18, 2009. Originally begun in Bangladesh, the nonprofit microfinance organization has 600 borrowers in Queens, all women, with average loans of $2,200 with a repayment rate of 99.6 percent. REUTERS

The images your photojournalist submitted for an event he covered on April 18th and 22nd have an error in all the captions. It is Grameen America, not Granmeen America. A simple Google or Yahoo search would have rectified the name problem.


Ouch. We had to correct 15 photo captions in our photo archive, plus a seven-picture slideshow: GBU Editor

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Reading your corrections posted, maybe you should be in Washington. Afterall, how many type o’s do you think exist in the legislation that passed, that NO ONE read??????

Posted by Sue D | Report as abusive

Wow, you guys are really bad at transcribing. This Grameen goofup was reported by me, but my initials are M.M. not M.H.

Posted by Michael Millhollin | Report as abusive

Your Grameen e-mail wasn’t signed. The e-mail address was millhollin, so I took a guess that Mill and Hollin might be two names, thus the M.H. initials.

As our reply said, we corrected 15 photo captons and a seven-photo slideshow, so obviously we took your complaint seriously; GBU Editor

Posted by Robert Basler | Report as abusive

What I like about the Internet is, one can get instant results on a query when there is doubt about something. Doing a Google search on my email address or even mill+hollin or millhollin would have given you the answer to the question of who I am.

Ah, it’s a moot point…

You may consider adding a field for a name in your Ask A Question form in case someone doesn’t sign their submission.

Anyway, thanks for the response…

Posted by Michael Millhollin | Report as abusive