The wrong tax?

May 12, 2009

Implications of Japan opposition leader quitting

Former party leader Katsuya Okada, often cited as a frontrunner, has in the past favoured a hike in the three percent sales tax to fund bulging social security costs, a move Ozawa had ruled out for now.

I’d like to report a factual error.  Your article mentions a “hike in the three percent sales tax to fund bulging social security costs.”

In fact Japan’s sales tax is currently five percent.

C. A.

Yes. We corrected: GBU Editor

Japanese opposition leader Ichiro Ozawa attends a news conference at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Japan in Tokyo, May 11, 2009. Japanese opposition leader Ozawa told his party on Monday he will resign to try to restore the party’s prospects in a looming election, after a fundraising scandal dampened its hopes for victory.  REUTERS/Issei Kato

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Why does the title of this article omit the fact that the soldier was a murderer as well?

By omitting this, it makes the Iraqi families seem unreasonable to decry life for a rapist (and wanting the death sentence.)

Of course, the first sentence of the article makes the nature of the crime clear. If I were editor, I would have made the title:

“Iraqis decry life for U.S. rape/murder soldier”

which is even shorter than the original title:

“Iraqi relatives decry life for U.S. rape soldier”
(I’m sure all Iraqis are mad about this sentencing, not just the relatives.)

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